Best Self-help book for you


Here’s, in my opinion the best self help books.

Part 1

  • Robin Sharma: The Greatest Guide
  • Robin Sharma: The Mastery Manual
  • Robin Sharma: Who Will Cry When You Die?
  • Kin Tue-Fee: Become Your Best
  • Norman Vincent Peal: Reaching Your Potential
  • Michelle Obama: Becoming

Starting Meditation? (To Be Updated)

Hello people,

I’m glad to write that post. As you’ve read the comments, I’ve started meditation two days ago. It is actually sessions of 35 mins daily. Lots of successful people do meditation, so why not try now.

Day 1

Oh, yes, boring!

Day 2

It’s more enjoyable. I feel light and secure. I don’t know I breathe more freely

Day 3

Today… uh? I usually do it like in the afternoon. Update: well I don’t know why but I found it a little bit boringšŸ˜‚

I advise you to start meditation. I’m basically doing this because I have focus issues but which me lots, loads of marks in every single examinationā¤

Anyways, have a nice day

Back to school (preparation/ it’s not complete)


Welcome… it’s me, Kerry!

Today is Sunday, and tomorrow as we all know is Monday, with a big M as martyr. Did you know that people are more likely to have heart attacks on Mondays? It’s simply because it’s the most stressful day of the week. But anyways…

Packing for school is a tough activity. I’ve already got my bag washed, worth noting that I washed it, then get your books according to your schedule packed in your bag. It’s not only about getting your stuffs packed but also your bedroom cleaned and ready to be your study environment.

Here is where I put all my copybooks. It is therefore easier for me to find them…

Here are all my books.

I’ve covered all my books and copybooks… I’m sorry for the quality of my pictures. I’m taking them with my tablet whose resolution is not really good.

Toxic Relatioships: Causes, Effects, Outcome


It’s me, Kerry!

Thanks for joining me (once more).

I’m sure you’ve heard about toxic relationships, and yes it exists even among really, really young people, just like me. You may say what a 15 years old born-yesterday has to say about toxic relationships, yet I know what it is and I can relate.


I have as best friend a girl whom I know since I entered college. During my first 3 years we were friends. The third year is when you choose in which field you want to excel. It’s no secret that you already know my preferences, literature of course! The same year we got quite close and ended being really close friends, logically. This year, 2019, we were best friends before this happened.

One day at college, I asked her what she was watching. And she replied, ‘ can’t you see, something, pfff!’ Normally I don’t get mad for things as stupid as this but it was the way she addressed me. It was so unexpected. I know myself and I decided to take some time to digest and to make up my mind. It was a really short break from her and as soon as I got home I went straight on my phone and texted her. I told her how much she meant to me and that I didn’t want our friendship to end up like this, stupidly.

I was expecting something like, It’s my fault too. But she was like okay. That caught my attention but no, I was no going to make an ocean with a drop. So I let go. Things went on smoothly till the day came we were at the airport with our team for an excursion to Seychelles. We were happy and taking selfies. When we arrived at the place we were going to reside, she was already in front of my at the foot of the stairs. When I finally was able to enter the entrance, I called her so that we could be in the same dorm room.

I knew she heard but she did not replied. I would have understood if she told me that she had planned to cohabit with someone else rather than her reaction. I felt pissed but anyway, I let go once more. Then later in the afternoon we went shopping for groceries. She was once more in front so I managed to meet her in front of the group. I placed my hands on the shoulder and to my surprised she gave me a dark look.

I was shocked. I did not know what to do and what I’ve done. During the second day of our stay, I was filming the whole thing. I knew she did not speak to me so I decided to make a move. I deeply loved her and cared for her so much that i was ready even to take the whole responsibility. I turned the camera on her and she finally smiled. We were good again.

Then once more at school in the add maths class, it was a Monday I remember, she did not brought her book. We were on the same row but on different desk. She shared the same large desk with a friend of mine, while my friend Kelly*** and I have our respective small desks. They normally shared the same book. So, they did not have their book, I lent them mine while I followed the class with Kelly. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen an add maths book, but it’s really huge and in addition it is a text book.

Then Tuesday too they did not have book, but when Wednesday came, I had enough. My bag was heavy and what the heck did they thought they were. No way I’m bringing my book for them. On Wednesday we normally have double classes, so after the class I asked her why they did not bring their book. She replied, it’s not my turn! From the look on her face I knew she was upset. Nevermind, I was her friend and I only intended to make her understand that they are wrong for adopting such nasty behaviour.

In the afternoon after school, we went to the same add maths tuition so she normally went with me and another classmate with my mum’s driver. That day she did not come, and I knew that things we bad again. I was damn hurt that she took things that badly. So, I gave her time and did not spoke to her either. For like 4 months, we competed like to prove each other we can live without each of us. Sometimes I caught her staring at me, sometimes she caught me. I missed her. I’m not lesbian I just love her deeply enough to miss her small gestures.

I missed her but I was also angry. I’ve been tortured by my own mind every night. I tried to avoid the subject by sleeping or listening to music. Then I said no. I’ve taken the burden several times, it’s her turn to show her consideration for me. Days passed no reaction. When my birthday came she did not wish me happy birthday either.

During our religion class, we were asked to write on a small piece of paper what we were grateful for. I wrote that I was grateful to all the people that hurt me therefore HEPLED me to define myself know who i am, what I wanted, where I wanted to go and most importantly know that every feeling is natural. I was motivated to love myself. How? Do you find it normal that the person you trust the most let you carry her mistakes without grudge? LOL

Exams came and we still did not speak to each other. I let go, I didn’t care and I learnt to live with it, till that whatsapp status. She posted a pic of herself then put as caption No bf, no best buddy just me. That hite me hard enough to feel like punching her in the face. I could not let go. It was clear as muddy water that I was concerned. I replied with a picture of myself and my little cousin (btw I love you so much) where we were sitting legs locked and hands in the air like holding the globe, to make that climax we don’t understand what’s going on and I captioned my reaction when I see you playing the victim to circumstances you created. You mean we were best friends? Really? When?, on the picture itself.

I was not using my phone during exam and as I deleted the number impossible for me to contact her. I changed number but I kept thinking of her. So I asked a friend we have in common to give me her number. I texted her. I copy-past the message:

Je voulais m’excuser![I wanted to apology] I know I was not a really good friend towards you, and I deeply apologise for this. I’m letting go the grudge of yesterday and holding on to the hope of tomorrowšŸŒˆ I’m seeking for inner peace! It doesn’t matter if you do not reply for the least I know I’ve tried to make things betteršŸ’¦ I am of course sad that this year our friendship has been weaken but I’m also happy and forever grateful for that experience that everyday reminds me that, there will come soft rains. Writing you that message has proven me that I was stronger than I thought I were…šŸ”† Good night

She replied averagely.


Guys, life is about choices. You don’t have any obligation towards anybody. If you feel you have that means you are a grateful person. You may forgive several times but the hurt is already done.

Toxic relationships are everywhere. For me a relationship is a bond that at least two person are in, involved in and working together. When someone do the same mistake over and over again it’s no more a mistake but a choice.

You may feel bad and think that you are the problem. Always making the first step is exhausting and saying No is not a crime. So I wrote a saying that took me almost 6 months to realize and that I want to share with you hoping it will make the difference:

Claim your right, claim respect from each and every individual and most importantly give it back. Do not be blind and think of you as someone’s else priority, because like in a book you are a chapter not the title nor the main theme, by Kerry anne E.L




It’s me, Kerry!

I have a dream. We say that the first thing to become successful is to dream then turn it into actions. I want to be a journalist but the thing is I am in the best college of my country and who says best says HARD COMPETITION. It is about people who see you as an opponent. And sometimes, I feel like stupid compared to them because I’m not that, at least do not consider myself as that intelligent. As I told you before, in one blog post (the book that made the difference), I’m surrounded by strong and powerful women who always push forward and encourage me the believe in myself. In addition, I have the same dream as my God mother and compared to her I want to make it.

I often get complexed by the fact I take way more time to understand mathematical stuffs compared to my classmates. It’s always a shame not to make it, it’s always a shame to be average. Above all this let’s talk about the times when, yes, you are deceived by your marks and see those who were not as good as you doing better. It’s easy to pretend not to care but difficult to let go of.

It’s competition everywhere. At work, at school even at home.

Temptation here, temptation there! And you’re now out of the racing track. That’s life at least mine.

I’ve decided to make my way, and to differ from the mass. This process is long, harsh but not impossible. As from now I’m going to do my best to be able to give the best of myself. Here is how I will proceed.

Step 1: I try to read more book.

Step 2: gain more charisma

Step 3: accept the fact that I’m a slow learner and turn it into my advantage.

Step 4: do not pressure myself

Step 5: accept failure

Step 6: be more engaged socially

Step 7: sacrifice

Ps I’ll update it frequently!

Thanks for reading kerry

The Book That Made The Difference


It’s me, kerry!

I was wondering if… just kidding.

As you probably know I’m totally new to blogging. I’m 15 and yet I have been through so much and have so much to say. Today I want to share with you THE BOOK THAT MADE THE DIFFERENCE!

I’m a literature student and also a book lover. My mum was an English teacher, a benchmark one, at least for me, so since I was very small she exposed me to books. It all started with the library. I went there with my God mother and well I do not have any memory of how it was, and to be honest I’ve never asked. Then my mum changed job and started politics. She loved being a teacher even now, but, my mum is a strong and proud woman and she is adventurous. She became successful and is even part of the government. During her first years, she was abroad very often on missions. So during her free hours when she went shopping. She’d always bought me lot of stuffs, now that she was in a very well paid job. When I was 8 or 9, I was one of the biggest customer of Orchestra. My mum even had her fidelity card which gave her 15 % off, but now it’s my little cousin who is enjoying that privilege. Most importantly, she bought me books from the collection I can read. I loved those books.

There is a bookshop annually and when I went there it was always an exciting moment. I’d buy lots of stuffs. My mum did not mind because most of them helped me to become creative or with school. Whenever I saw a book interesting me, I’d rush and ask my mum to buy it. In less than 3 years I had half of the collection of the I can read books. English and French, I had it ALL!

From Little Mermaid to Bambi, I’ve read it all. Later, when I was grown enough to go to the city, by 10 years old, my mum registered me to another library. It was close to her office so whenever I had a problem I knew where to go. At that time, I can read was done with me so did I. I’ve read them way too much time and the book no more attracted me.

I started reading BDs, more precisely, The Smurfs. I became a huge fan of them. In less than one month, I read the whole collection. How? I ‘paused’ my school homework and meals to read them. The person on the reception knew my preferences by heart and soon we became friends.

This lasted since I was 12. Then I went to college at 13 (it’s my educational system). The Smurfs was somehow has been and for a grown ado like I thought I was, it was not mature enough. I started watching nickelodeon series. I was fond of Jessie, hey hey hey Jessie! By the way, rest I peace Boyce Cameronā¤. I tried to read Violetta stuffs and Musical School, but it did not make it. I hated it so does its series. I started borrowing books at the school library.

We had 35 mins and it was not enough. Choosing a book was a mission for me. 35 mins? Really, 35 mins to decide which book to read? I did not find anything interesting. The books were either too childish or too fictional. So I just take a book at random, and let it on my bedroom desk till the day to return it back came.

After sometimes, I found the book. Fortunately, it had its whole collection. It was in french, Les Fantastiques. I never had enough reading them. I started reading books from the publisher Pocket and Penguin, from the public library.

The books which I normally took from the public library was on the most popular rows, that is the first 5 ones. 2 years later by curiosity, I decided to go and see what can be there after those rows.

I found books taking about cholesterol and Abraham Lincoln. I was like aw what was I doing here? That corner was behind a stair , so it did not get sunlight fully. The last row had journals, old journals. And there was a door behind which today we have the archive.

I was leaving when suddenly a book caught my attention. I don’t know how but it did. It was black and I can tell that all the books on the same shelf level as him was in the same colour tone. It was not new neither had a flashy colour but yes, that book caught my attention.

You can win, no actually it was, YOU CAN WIN. It was written by Shiv Khera. That book tempted me. Why not giving it a chance? I thought. I was afraid that people say things like what are you going to understand in that book? Here, a Spongebob book for you you!

I read the book and I understood that this book needed to have a notebook. I bought one the next day after school, and yup started noting interesting facts and notes. God, I was 14 and it saw how unhealthy my life, my mind and my surrounding was to me and to themselves. The book was reader-friendly, some notes in bullet form. Just amazing.


I suggest you that book. I owe that book largely for the person i am today. Not physically but mentally. The way I think, what I read. It is a bridge for people who really want to make the difference.

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Who am I?

Welcome on my page!I’m Kerry Anne (but you can call my Kerry) and I’m 15 years old (shh half way to 30). Basically, according to the British laws at 16 years old we are no more a child (how I know that? I’m a sociology student). So, it’s my last year of childhood. WHY AM I EVEN MENTIONING THAT?I love writing! Songs, Essays, Poems, (love letters(sometimes (by sometimes I mean- SOMETIMES (maybe sometimes like NEVER)))).I study:

  1. Sociology
  2. English
  3. French
  4. Mathematics
  5. Additional mathematics
  6. French Literature
  7. English literature
  8. Computer science
  9. Finally, myself, which I can guarantee you is a tough subject.

Back to basic! You should ask yourself, what job wants she to do later on? Or witch, oh Lil Pump! -sorry I meant ‘which’, work do you DREAM to do? Oh well! I’m just deceived. You think I’m a dreamer? Huh?

The difference between a dreamer and a visionary is that the dreamer has his eyes closed and the visionary has his eyes open. – Martin Luther King

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes! Thank me, I’ve memorised that whole quotation for you. And before you finally make *the* conclusion, yes, yes ,yes, and yes, I’m INTELLIGENT. I GOT SOMETHING! IT’S MENTAL AND INTELLECTUAL! OH I’M IMPRESSED, BY MYSELF!? HEHEHE!Did I answer the question? No? (Huh, and I wonder why I don’t get great marks while writing my essays, I’m always out of subject. Rrrrrrrrr!) I want to become a journalist.My English teacher: girl see, we only see the principal theme at the end! 4/100. Btw You got 4 marks only because you wrote your name on the questionnaire.